New Smart C-Hook

Traditionally when moving around large steel coils it was necessary to manually determine … blah blah blah… Regardless of the width of the Steel Coils the C-Hook find and positions automatically (operator hands free) the COG in the same axis with the Crane Hook.

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Tribology Conference – STLE 70th Annual Meeting & Exhibition (Dallas, May 2015)

We are excited to be attending the Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers 70th annual meeting and exhibition in Dallas, Texas in May 2015. This five-day conference showcases more than 400 technical papers, application- based case studies and best practice reports, and discussion panels on technical or market trends. We are particularly interested in news…

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Case Study: Strapping Gun Test Jig

Strapping Guns (used in Construction, Retail, Steel, and many other industries) are designed to wrap different types of items into bundles. Over time, the strapping gun components suffer wear and tear and the tolerances and capacity change, however, traditionally it has been difficult (or impossible) to prove capacity of the straps. Requirements We were commissioned…

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