Engineering Services

AAAO-EC offers expertise in the testing, verification and certification of stability for industries in mining, civil construction and material handling machinery. Below is a list of the services provided by AAAO-EC:

Mining, construction, material handling machinery and equipment:

  • Safety and stability of  machines and equipment in work, transport and out of service maintenance;
  • Tipping lines, tipping angles, stability angles and required stability angle;
  • Safety analysis of steel wire ropes; and
  • Risk management of the following potential equipment hazards: transportation, assembly and dismantling, out of service, storage and maintenance.

Other services:

  • Audit or revision of existing technical documentation;
  • Technical manuals and documentation updates;
  • Documentation and compliance with required standards and regulations;
  • Assisting in training and improving body of knowledge for all levels;
  • Development of work method statement and ensure appropriate risk management factors are considered; and
  • Lifting and handling equipment (these services are specialised and provided on demand based on individuals requirements):
    • Lifting and spread beams;
    • C-Hooks; and
    • Drums and liquid material vessel handling equipment.